React & Spring Boot Sandbox

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything here, and this time will be a bit different from the usual. A few months back I had received interesting feedback in short saying  that I seem to be a more “managerial” person rather than technical. Well I perfectly understand reasoning behind it – especially looking at […]

DNA Of The True Software Artist

What does it mean to be a Software Engineer today? What are the characteristics of a Software Artist? Recently I’ve been struggling to find my own answer to that; based on discussions I had with many talented and smart engineers. I was looking at challenges they face and the way they work within their teams […]

Being Data Driven

Decisions are part of our every-day life. It’s not only in work that we are expected to make good decisions, those are desirable in private life as well. So do we think we make good decisions? Are you sometimes misled by cognitive biases? Have you ever heard of the two different cognitive systems underlying our […]

Microservices Architecture? let’s go for it, but…

Nowadays we are observing big buzz around microservices. Applications are designed as a set of small and interconnecting blocks that are built with the single responsibility principle in mind. Typically those services are separate WARs or processes that are exchanging information via different mechanisms, i.e. REST API, queues. A good summary description of microservices architecture […]

Growth Oriented Leadership

Recently I came across an interesting read from Carol Dweck – “Mindset the new psychology of success”. Here Dr Dweck describes two fundamental mindsets and how they affect our companies, sport careers and family life. One called “Fixed” assumes that our intelligence is unchangeable – that there is a congenital talent for being a successful […]

Are we doomed to ineffective and boring meetings?

Did you ever wonder during recruitment why more and more candidates are asking question: “How much time you spend on meetings?” Meetings became natural element of corporate life – and often most annoying one. They are usually boring and ineffective – developers hate them. Are we doomed to live in the world of such meetings? […]

Designing recruitment process

How to recruit the right people? What is important? That’s the questions that I’ve been asking myself for a while. I believe I got to the point where I’ve found some important principles that should be included in every recruitment process. Btw, why this is so important? Why am I even writing about it? First […]

Tips to create better culture of work

Company culture is something that nowadays heavily decides about company uniqueness. Companies that have managed to build exceptional culture are attracting talented people that are looking for something more than just a place to work. Every manager and leader is responsible for building such culture and my view is that this is far more complex […]

How do you understand Kanban?

Someone once asked me this question and I want to share some personal view on the topic. My experience shows that depending on who you ask, you may get different answer for the above question. First off all Kanban is often recognized as software development metodology, that in contrary to Scrum removes iteration boundaries, introduces […]